The project Sustainability Accounting Learning Platform for a Green Economy (Account4GreenEco) organises its Teaching Activity 1 in Trento (Italy)

Grupo Gestionet participes as a partner in the project “Sustainability Accounting Learning Platform for a Green Economy” (Account4GreenEco) that has celebrated its first Teaching Activity in Trento (Italy).

Twenty-two students from the four higher education institutions of the partnership had the opportunity to participate in the Teaching Activity 1, hosted by the project partner Università degli Studi di Trento, in Trento (Italy) from October 24 to October 26, 2023.

During the teaching activity, the students tested the first of the three modules that will be integrated into the platform to improve their knowledge of sustainability accounting and validate the training materials that populate the online learning environment. The selected students also attended seminars given by internationally recognised academics in the field of accounting and sustainability, such as Prof. Lee Parker (University of Glasgow), Prof. Stefan Schaltegger (University of Leuphana) and Prof. Carlos Larrinaga (University of Burgos).

Additionally, the students could develop their skills in an international environment in which they interact with their peers from the four academic partners: Montpellier Business School (France), University of Burgos (Spain), University of Leuphana (Germany) and Università degli Studi di Trento (Italy).

After completing this activity, the project begins the second phase of the development of the learning platform by integrating the feedback gathered from students and designing the second module. The result of this phase will be tested in the Teaching Activity 2 of the project, which will be organised in Lüneburg (Germany) in September 2024. During the spring of 2024, the selection process will be launched to select the students who will participate in the activity financed by the project.

The “Sustainability Accounting Learning Platform for a Green Economy” (Account4GreenEco) is an EU funded project that seeks to facilitate students’ learning to become competent sustainability accounting professionals that will assist firms in meeting the EU sustainability information requirements and support the green transition of the EU economy.

To that end, the project will create an online course that will take advantage of current technological developments to create an interactive and dynamic online learning environment.

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