Bilbao, venue of the international meeting of an innovation project on new methodologies for vocational training in cybersecurity and AI

The EU-funded innovation project AICY, which develops new training methodologies for professional training in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI), will hold an international meeting tomorrow in Bilbao to share progress.

AI-based Cybersecurity Training with Gamification Techniques (AICY), led by Grupo Gestionet, will use game techniques in a non-gaming environment, such as education or training, to promote professional training in these areas.

AICY, which will culminate in 24 months from October 2023, advances in methodologies that transform the training of professionals in two highly topical issues. Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are key in today’s technological sphere and represent significant challenges that increasingly skilled professionals will have to face.

The use of gamification could provide a more positive and enjoyable experience for students, facilitating the learning of complex subjects.

In addition to Gestionet, several European partner organisations and companies based in Turkey, Poland, Italy, Portugal and Belgium are collaborating in this project. The joint participation of organisations from different EU countries will enrich innovation with different perspectives and experiences.

Specifically, the following organisations participate in this project: Grupo Gestionet (Spain), INNOMATE LTD (Turkey), Epralima (Escola Profissional Do Alto Lima, Portugal), UD’ANET SRL (Italy), Rzeszow University of Technology (Poland) and UC Leuven-Limburg (Belgium).

Teaching materials

AICY includes the creation of teaching materials, useful for both students and teachers, which facilitate the internalisation of concepts in a practical way in relation to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

The work based on these contents will be carried out on an online training platform that will include gamification. This will be the main tool to address the topics and where the acquired knowledge will be applied.

This practical approach will help to make the learning experience interactive and dynamic, making it more attractive than an eminently theoretical and traditional one for both teachers and students.

The international meeting in Bilbao will be held at the Bizkaia Aretoa-UPV/EHU between 9:00 and 18:00.

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